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The Austin Family

The Austin family became associated with the Brownlow family with the marriage of Jane Austin to James A. H. Brownlow in 1846.

      John G. Austin was born in South Carolina in 1801. His father is unknown but his mother is believed to be Celia Austin who died in Forsyth County, Georgia, in May of 1850. In about 1822 he married Miss Elizabeth Jones. Elizabeth Jones was the daughter of Thomas Jones and Milly Turner. She was born August 7, 1802. In about 1825 he moved his young family from Greenville District, South Carolina, to Hall County, Georgia. In about 1831 they moved across the line into Forsyth County, Georgia. In 1838 John G. Austin drew a land lot in what was then Cherokee County, Georgia. It later became Bartow County and he sold it sight unseen.

     While in Forsyth County they were members of Beaver Ruin Baptist Church. During the 1840's John was a Captain in the Georgia Militia and here after was know as Capt. Austin. In the 1850's he became a Constable in Forsyth County and remained in that capacity until they moved to Van Wert, Polk County, Georgia, in the late 1850's. While they lived in Polk County they were members of Van Wert Church. He died in Bartow County, Georgia, in 1869. He is believed to be buried in the Connesena Church Cemetery in Kingston, Bartow County, Georgia.

     After Johns death his widow lived with her youngest daughter, Sarah Melinda, who had married James Coker. She remained in Kingston until her death in the 1880's. She is believed to be buried in Connessena Church Cemetery. Their children were:

James Gideon Austin (1823-?) Married Mary Bennet in 1841. He served in the Mexican War in the 1840's.

Jane Ann Austin (1827-1909) married James A. H. Brownlow in 1846.

Wells Garret Austin (1831-c.1863) married Sarah Bell in 1856. He was the overseer on a Plantation in Van Wert, Polk County, Georgia. After his death his widow moved back to Forsyth County, Georgia.

Drury J. Austin (1833-1862) never married. He died in the battle of Fair Ground in Virginia during the War Between the States.

Celia A. Austin (1835-?) No further record.

Wiley C. Austin (1837-?) No further record.

John H. Austin (1842-1862) Never married. Died in the battle of Sharpsburg, Maryland.

Cassa C. Austin (1844-c.1925) married Dr. Pete Tollar and moved to Mississippi. She would take a train back to visit the relatives until her old age forced her to stay home.

Sarah Melinda Austin (1847-1920) married James Coker in 1866.