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The Brownlow Family
Georgia Brownlow Family


     The Georgia Branch of the Brownlow began when John A. Brownlow moved to Franklin County, Georgia, in the fall of 1827. His brother James followed soon, settling in Floyd county in the 1830's. The two branches lived separate of one another until the early part of the 20th century.

John A. Brownlow (1797-1869)

James A. H. Brownlow (1824-1900)

Isaac M. Brownlow (1827-1906)

Larkin Sanford Brownlow (1831-1891)

Obediah J. Brownlow (1836-1863)

James Brownlow (1788-1876)

George Washington Brownlow (1814-c.1890)

William M. Brownlow (1815-c.1864)