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The Brownlow Family
John Brownlow (1762-1832)


Brownlow Servicemen
In Memory of Mattie Brownlow Haney
James Brownlow of County Armagh, Ireland
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Early Brownlow Timeline

     John Brownlow, son of William and Jane Brownlow, was born in Ireland in 1762. He came to South Carolina with his parents in 1767. On May 29, 1781, he entered the service of Colonel Mabane's Regiment of North Carolina Line. He was injured in several places at the battle of Lindy's Mill. He married sometime around 1785 but his wife's name is not know. Before 1800 he moved from Chatham County, North Carolina to Pendleton District, South Carolina. He applied for and received a pension from the State of South Carolina in 1819 and received it until his death on April 12, 1832. His wife had died in Pendleton District on November 13, 1828. Their known children were:

James Brownlow (1788-1876)

John A. Brownlow (1797-1869)

Joseph Brownlow (no record)

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John Brownlow Census Information

John Brownlow's Revolutionary War Pension