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The Brownlow Family
John Brownlow's wife


I would like to stress that this is just conjecture as the wife of John Brownlow is unknown at the present.

There is some evidence that Mrs. John Brownlow may have been Susan Alexander, or at least a member of the Alexander family.


~ There is a marriage announcement in the Pendlton Messenger that states that John Brownlow and Susan Alexander were married on June 20, 1821.

Likely Explanation:

~ This is probably a typographical error. I believe it should have been John Brownlow and Susan Wimpy who were married on June 30, 1821. This was stated in a later edition of the Pendleton Messenger.


~ Who ever had this put in the Pendleton Messenger could have know the name of John A.'s mother and confused it with his new wifes name.

~ John A. Brownlow was the only John Brownlow in the area who could have married at that time as Old John's wife was still living.

~ It could not have meant James Brownlow, John A.'s brother, as he was already married to Rebecca Cross/Croft.

~ It could not have been Joseph Brownlow, John A.'s brother, as he was already married to an unknown spouse.

~ John A. Brownlow's middle initial was A. This likely could have been Alexander, possibly named after his mothers family.

~ The A. and H. in James A. H. Brownlow, son of John A. Brownlow, could have been Alexander and Henley. Henley was the name of his maternal grandmother. Alexander could have been his paternal grandmother's name.