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The Brownlow Family
Wisconsin/Nebraska Brownlows


The Wisconsin Brownlows seem to have originated in either Ireland or England. They seem to have been Quakers and this leads me to believe that they are probably related to the Southern Brownlow family as they were also Quakers.

The first time they are on the census is in 1860 in Waushara County, Wisconsin, as follows:

George Brownlow 27 England

Anna Brownlow 25 New York

Mary Brownlow 6/12 Wisconsin

Joseph Brownlow 25 England (Joseph Brownlow served as a Private in Company C., 49th Wisconsin Infantry, US)

It seems that Joseph and George were brothers.


In 1880 in Waushara County, Wisconsin, we find:

George Brownlow 48 England

Anna D. Brownlow 45 Ohio (She died June 26, 1895, they married February 8, 1859.)

Mary G. Brownlow 20 Wisconsin

Charles A. Brownlow 19 Wisconsin

Pyron Brownlow 16 Wisconsin

Comma Brownlow 14 Wisconsin

Mattie M. Brownlow 10 Wisconsin

Frank H. Brownlow 8 Wisconsin

Oliver S. Brownlow 7 Wisconsin

Royal L. Brownlow 9/12 Wisconsin


Next door was:

Amos Brownlow 35 England

Maggie Brownlow 30 New York

Nettie Brownlow 8 Wisconsin

James Brownlow 7 Wisconsin

Charles Brownlow 2 Wisconsin

Was this another brother to Jaoseph and George?


Also in 1880, in Platte County, Nebraska, we find:

Joseph Brownlow 42 Ireland

Frances Brownlow 37 England

Matilda Brownlow 18 Wisconsin

Thomas H. Brownlow 17 Wisconsin

Mary A. Brownlow 15 Wisconsin

Ida O. Brownlow 13 Wisconsin

Lydia A. Brownlow 12 Wisconsin

Joseph F. Brownlow 10 Wisconsin

George M. Brownlow 8 Wisconsin

Charles R. Brownlow 6 Wisconsin

John R. Brownlow 3 Nebraska

female Brownlow 2/12 Nebraska

female Brownlow 2/12 Nebraska


Nearby we find:

William H. Brownlow 19 Wisconsin

Jane J. Brownlow 20

This is from The Columbus Journal, September 24, 1879, Platte County, Wisconsin:

BROWNLOW-TRUMAN--On the 20th inst., according to the order of the Society of Friends, Wm. H. Brownlow to Jane J., daughter of Geo. S. and Susan Y. Truman, all of Platte county.



Family record of Joseph and Frances Brownlow:

Joseph Brownlow b. February 8, 1833

Frances L. Kellow b. March 9, 1840


William Hunter Brownlow b. September 7, 1860

Matilda L. Brownlow b. February 2, 1861

Thomas H. Brownlow b. April 4, 1863

Mary A. Brownlow b. December 2, 1865

Ida Brownlow b.May 6, 1869

George Milton Brownlow b. March 22, 1871

Charles R. Brownlow b. April 9, 1874

John R. Brownlow b. June 9, 1877

Martha J. Brownlow b. April 10, 1880

Sarah Joan Brownlow b. April 10, 1880

Benjamin Frank Brownlow b. September 19, 1882

Maude L. Brownlow b. July 1, 1887