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The Brownlow Family
Jane Brownlow (c.1734-c.1797)


     Jane Brownlow was born about 1734, in County Armagh, Ireland. She was the 4th child of James Brownlow and was mentioned in his will of June, 1740. On November 11, 1760, Jane moved her Quaker membership from Armagh to Pennsylvania. Jane Brownlow married Captain William Ward, of Wilmington, North Carolina, in September of 1768. They married in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They moved to New Hanover County, North Carolina, by January 5, 1771, when she was the executrix of her husband's estate.

     On October 6, 1776, a marriage bond in the from of a deed was made by Jane Brownlow Ward and James Patterson in Cumberland County, North Carolina. Jane seems to have died by May, 1797, when her husband sold some of her property. She was certainly dead by September 15, 1800, when her nieces and nephews sold their interest in her estate, James Patterson was also dead by this time.