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The Brownlow Family
In Memory of Mattie Brownlow Haney


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In Memory of Mattie Brownlow Haney
James Brownlow of County Armagh, Ireland
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Mattie Elizabeth Brownlow Haney

The last evening that I spent with Aunt Mattie, that she knew it, was the Friday before she died on Sunday, December 16, 2001. It was about 8:30 in the evening and visiting hours, at the nursing home, were soon to be over. It was just me, her daughter, Myra, and of course, Aunt Mattie. She was lying in bed, half asleep, and me and Myra were talking about how I loved to go and spend time with Aunt Mattie taking about Daddy Bud and Mama Brownlow, Uncle Dick, Aunt Judd, Aunt Lus, Uncle Wimp, and a host of other, long dead, relatives that I never knew but she fondly remembered. Aunt Mattie, who was quite hard of hearing when she didnt have her hearing aid, heard us talking about her and said to Myra, "Huh?" To which Myra replied something to the effect of, "Its fine Mother, we were just talking about how you and Jason always talk about the old folks." Aunt Mattie looked over at me and managed a chuckle, though she had very little to laugh about, and said "Yeah, I reckon I told him everything I remember."

     She was my Grandmother's half sister, and her senior by 22 years, but she was more like another Grandma to me, I hope that when I am 86 years old there will be some one that I can talk to about my Aunt Mattie that I remember so well.