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The Brownlow Family
James Madison Brownlow (1852-1931)



     James Madison (Bud) Brownlow , son of James A. H. Brownlow and Jane Anne Austin, was born June 1, 1852 in Forsyth County, Georgia. In about 1858 he moved with his family to Van Wert in Polk County, Georgia. After his father returned home from war they moved to Bartow County, Georgia. On May 1, 1879 he married Sarah Elizabeth (Lizzie) Phillips, daughter of James Phillips and Rhoda Martha Collins. She was born Nov. 13, 1861 in Bartow County, Georgia. James and Sarah started out married life with a one eye stove, a table and crates for chairs. They would tie sacks in the corners of their one roomed house for beds. 

James and Sarah had the following children:

George Lester Brownlow b. March 14, 1880

Annie Lee Brownlow b. September 12, 1881, married Hicks Carter December 28, 1907

Rhoda Judson Brownlow b. August 27, 1883

Willie Estelle Brownlow b. April 26, 1886, married Bartow Carter February 25, 1917

Virgil Ephriam Brownlow b. March 1, 1888

Oliver Johnson Brownlow b. July 8, 1895, married Ethel Briton February 10, 1924

      In about 1902 James moved back to Van Wert. Then in abt 1910 they bought an old white house in Aragon. James and his family grew what they needed to eat and any thing they couldnt grow they bought. During the World Wars train loads of soldiers would stop in Aragon and the family would take flowers to them. Many of those men went over to Europe and never returned. Every year for Sarah's birthday her children would throw her a big party which would be attended by sometimes over two hundred people. It was not un common for Governor Talmadge to stop by as well. They would take the furniture out of the house and line the walls with tables of every kind of food imaginable. They would hire local women to do some of the cooking. The main food was a huge pot of stew that was cooked over a fire. James was a member of Prospect Baptist church. He died on Jan 3, 1931 and is buried in the church cemetery next to Sarah who passed away on April 15, 1951.

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