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The Brownlow Family
Henry Jackson Brownlow (1864-1918)



Henry Jackson and Emily Phillips Brownlow

     Henry Jackson (Jack) Brownlow was born in 1864 in Van Wert. He was the son of James A. H. and Jane Austin Brownlow. In about 1885 he married Emily Doster Phillips, daughter of James Phillips and Rhoda Martha Collins. Jack and Emily were the parents of 3 children. Lula Brownlow, Alberta Brownlow, Thomas Neville Brownlow. About 1897 Emily passed away and is buried at Connesenna Church in Adairsville. Jack then married Missouri Owens. They were the parents of 7 children. Nina, Odell, Emma, Randall, Kanzady, Lois, and Beatrice. The story is told that when he would go to town he would ask the children what they wanted knowing he couldnt afford it. When he got back home and the children asked about it he would say "that ol jackass forgot to put it in the sack". When he passed away his funeral was well attended by the many friends and family members he had.   Jack died in 1918 and is buried next to mosurii at Prospect Church.

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Henry Jackson Brownlow Census Information