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The Brownlow Family
Obituary of James Brownlow (1)


(From the Feb. 23, 1876 issue of the Rome Weekly Commercial)

                        James Brownlow

      The Honest, familiar face of the good old man will be seen no more in thi(s) world. Wednesday morning he departed this life, full of years and with a record of honesty, frugality and purity of life and purpose, that the best and the greatest would not be ashamed of. For forty years he has gone in and out before our people, always in quest of duty, and always avoiding offence. Nearly half of his long life has been spent in official duty, either as sheriff or bailiff. He was a constable in South Carolina when the war of 1812 began. He served as a private soldier in that war. From the best information that can be obtained he died in his 90th year. He was the father of thirteen children, only three of whom survive him. He has seventy-four grand children. He has lived(been?) a consistent exemplary member of the Baptist church for over 30 years. His last hours illustrated his earnest faith in hie Redeemer, his humble trust in the goodness and mercy of God. His last prayers were full of touching, yea, eloquent pathos and caused those near him to breathe the prayer of David Oh, that I might die the death if the rightous.
      Mr. Brownlow was born in Pendleton District, South Carolina. He removed to Georgia in the year 1838, and has been a resident of this county for 37 years.