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The Brownlow Family
Obituary of James Brownlow (2)


    (From the Rome Tri-Weekly issue of Feb. 17, 1876)

James Brownlow

    It becomes our duty to cronicle the death of old Uncle Jimmie Brownlow, one of our oldest and most respected citizens who died about 9 oclock yesterday morning (The next few words are unreadable but it looks like at 88 years) of age. He served in the war, of 1812 and then again in the Creek war, and was a Pensioner. Although he could not write his name he served about 40 years as a Deputy Sheriff and constable, and was never ruled in any case nor. was he ever required to give reason for not obeying an order or serving a paper. He had been a consistent member of the Baptist church some 28 years *in short, He was an honest man, a good man, and lived and died without an enemy. His remains will be buried this evening. Peace be to his ashes.

*(I think it should read, ...28 years. In short, he was an...)