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The Brownlow Family
Gurdianship papers of Joseph William Brownlow


State of Georgia
Bartow County

To the Ordinary of said County. I am a Minor heir of Obed J. Bronlow, deceased, I am over fourteen years of age, My domicile or home is in this County. And H. C. Kellog of Forsyth County Ga. was appointed as my Guardian without my Knowledge or Consent, I respectfully petition your honor to appoint Seaborn Dishroon of this County, As my Guardian. By so doing you will oblige.

J. W. Brownlow
Sept 27th 1875

And now at a regular term of this Court, Coming J. W. Brownlow, a minor child of Obed J. Brownlow and filing his petition to have Seaborn Dishroon appointed his guardian in conformity with Law. And showing to the court that he is over fourteen years of age, This ordered by the court, that said Seaborn Dishroon be and he is hereby appointed Guardian of J. W. Brownlows person and property. And that upon his giving bond and security, And taking the oath of office that letters of Guardianship be issued to him. And that he be permitted to qualify and give bond in vacation.

Granted in open Court Oct Term 1875
J. A. Howard