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The Brownlow Family
Last Will and Testament of James Brownlow (father of William Brownlow)


thanks to Beth Nowak

The last will and testament of James Brownlow of the Grange in the Lordship of Newry & County of Armagh being under bodily affliction but of sound disposing mind and memory together many other mercys have cause to bless and praise the Lord for them all and calling to mind the uncertainty of this transitory life thinks it needful to settle my house in order by settling my outward or wordily substance which it hath pleased god graciously to bestow upon me for my support in this life by this will revoking & annulling and together making void all other will or wills heretofore made by me either by word or writing as this to stand for my last and no other.

I will and desire with abundance of prayers and supplication that it may please the Lord in his mercy and loving kindness that after my decease to receive my soul and that my body may be decently interred in a Christian manner in the graveyard in ( money) by any Executrix & Executors hereafter named.   Its my will & mind that all my debts be fully paid and discharged that I owe to any person.

I will & my will is that suddenly after my decease there be a full & just inventory taken of all my goods & chattels   I die possessed of be thy of what kind or nature so ever and brought into one entire sum I will as above that all my just debts funeral expenses or any other expenses that my   arise to me now in this weak condition be fully pain & under consideration that my children are most of them young & not capable to get   a livelihood therefore I will that they may all live together in my farm & dwelling   house with their mother and labour honestly to get bread   __ viz: Eliz; William John Jane &   James Brownlow and ____and if so I leave and bequeath to my dear wife & my lawful children all the residue or remainder of my said goods and chattels bill bonds or any other of my goods to each of them to share & share alike to their only use & _behaves when they come to age and if any of my said children should die before they come to age then & in that case   I will their part or share shall be equally divided among the survivors of   my children and of any of .. (the remainder of that sentence & page unreadable)

Children should prove stubborn or rebellious to my Executor or Executrix hereafter named and will not be advised by them I leave and invest a power in them to deal with such children as to their part or share of my substance as they shall think proper as also is my will & mind that my children be educated in the faith and principle of the people called Quakers of which opinion I am myself and dies in the same faith & I leave a charge one the mens meeting of Ballyhagin to visit & advise   my children to be careful of __ conversation & behavior as becomes our holy profession which request I desire the said mens meeting may except of.

Where as there is a legacy left to my daughter Elizabeth Brownlow in my mothers last will and testament of twenty pounds & to which it can be got & paid to her then my will is that she shall have but as much of my goods as will make up the twenty pounds in equal proportion with dear wife and the rest of my children anything to the contrary notwithstanding and lastly   I constitute ordain nominate & appoint my dear wife   & my loving kinsman Joseph Brownlow to be my whole & sole executrix & executor of this my will to see it duly & truly fulfilled &kept & my beloved friend Samuel Gray to be overseer with the assistance of the mens meeting of Ballyhagin

James Brownlow (his seal)
Signed sealed and published to be the last will & testament of James Brownlow this 7th day of the 4th month called June 1740 in the presence of James Atordine John Horner Samuel Gray.