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James Brownlow (1767-1814)

James Brownlow was the son of John Brownlow and Sarah Council. He was born in Cumberland County, North Carolina. When James Brownlow died on January 28, 1814, in Halifax County, North Carolina. He was 47 so he was born about 1767. In April of 1774 Arthur Council was granted guardianship of James as his father had recently died. In 1777 Arthur Council died and James Council was made guardian of James Brownlow in July of that year. By 1790 he seems to have married, to an unknown woman, and moved to Halifax County, North Carolina.

In about 1800 James Brownlow's first wife died and he married Sarah Purviance Campbell on March 24, 1801, in New Hanover County, North Carolina. James Brownlow died in New Hanover County, North Carolina, on January 28, 1814.